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Since 1986 Andy Corridori has been entertaining a variety of people and groups around the United States and across the shining seas.   As a ‘Man of Many Voices’

his talent ranges from Singer, Comic Impersonator to Master of Ceremonies.

Corporate Shows & Conventions:


Andy performs and serves as Master of Ceremonies for various US corporate shows and conventions, touring Las Vegas, Florida, California, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Georgia.

Night Clubs & Restaurants:

Andy performs at a wide variety of restaurants and night clubs. Depending on the venue he sings solo, or as the lead singer with a trio or show band. Andy also has the rare talent of doing stand up comedy. No matter if it is singing or comedy, rest assure your audience will be entertained.


Andy is a sought after performer that can provide music as a soloist, or with a trio or band, DJ and emcee the entire wedding reception.  Andy has over 5,000 songs in his DJ library.

Charity Events & Fundraisers:

Andy provides a One-Stop-Shop for Fundraisers by accomodating event as Emcee, Auctioneer, and Entertainer.  Andy is not only talented, but he has a BIG heart.  His philanthropy efforts have benefited many people and organizations.  A few of his favorite humanitarian causes are to Veterans, children and pets.


“I am so lucky for the talents and gifts God has given me, and that I can use them in goodwill to give back to the community and the world…It’s a way to express my gratitude.  I believe that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, and that the measure of a person's life is the affect they have on others.”


He performed for Muhammad Ali, Clint Holmes’ Holiday show, Gordie Brown, Andy Roddick and Mandy Moore’s Celebrity Tennis Tournament, Toys For Tots, Kids in Distress, Hurricane Relief via Red Cross, and the Buddy Bowl, a flag football tournament for injured vets of the Gulf War...just to name a few.

Senior Living Communities:

Andy has sung and performed standup comedy for approximately 200 different senior communities and over 2,000 shows.  Bringing smiles to seniors and to some of the most forgotten, is just one other way Andy gives back to the community.

Las Vegas Shows:

Andy was the opening Las Vegas act for Debbie Reynolds, Tony Orlando, Gordie Brown, The Depree’s, and Alan King.


Cruise Lines: 

Andy has sailed the seas performing for passengers on Carnival, Sea Cruise, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.


Football Games:

Andy sung the National Anthem for the Miami Dolphins, and was Broadcaster and Commentator for Las Vegas football games.


Church Events & Retreats:

Andy's most recent interest is performing for single adults, married couples, children and today's youth at church or ministry sponsored events.  His 26 years' as a Teacher and Coach has equipped Andy to be a great mentor to many, especially 

youth...our future generation!






Spend an Evening with Andy...and Watch the Stars Come Out!

Limited Appearances. Exclusively at Select Venues.


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